Big Earrings = stylish

Embellished earrings designer


Purple acrylic pink lace

A designed that glowing your look. The embellished handmade earrings to all accessories lover. I choose this combination coz I think this would be elegance and stunning for women to wear on a date night, to wedding reception or maybe if you know a little to style in a casual way. This earrings is only 18MYR.

Black lace chockerΒ 

A new stunning and gorgeous chocker design. Black lace with diamonds beads on it. by just looking at it shows the classy and sexiness . 

I made this designed because its easy to take care , sexy, soft,light on weight and for the long lasting accessories.

A handmade designed with very much compassion and inspiration on my own. 

The perfect fo classy, elegance wear of chocker

Fashionable Accessories

Good day lovely people ❀ 

I hope we all have a great days 😘😘😘 

Lets talk about jewellery or accessories. Women loves these thing.. without accessories we somehow fill incomplete right? I means most of the fashionable women out there. 

So, here another beautiful, unique designs ,mega light earring , shines like a diamond and not allergies at all.




Necklace designed – lace and diamonds beads

Hello ladies, 

Here’s the Embellished designed by jjcloset. These are all handmade with passion and inspiration. With the passion comes the imagination to made such a stunning and elegance designed. The values of own imagination is hard to find yet only with the spirit of inspiration and passion to gathered all.  

To all the necklace lover. πŸ’žβ€πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›

1. The solid green

Price: 40MYR

2. The peachy pinkish 

this designed come with 3 ways of wearing it. 

Price: 40MYR

3. The shining black lace

Price: 40MYR

Newly handmade designed – Earrings

My model of the day. Shes look gorgeous and dazzling wearing that handmade by me. Jj closet

Hello everyone. 

Its been quite a while since my last jewellery/ accessories post. 

Today, I have made new designed for Christmas collection and its now on sales.

Ive always love easy , stylish , soft and not heavy earrings to work or to any occasion I went. So with the passion and my inspiration heres ate the few collection that I have made. 

I have put a lot of focus and my imagination on the designed. 

Philippines trips with the bffΒ 

Helloooo, kumusta !?

It has been quite long didnt post/ sharing on my blogs. Due to my busyness of works and handling over work pressure coz of my vacation.

yaay! vacation in 1st October till 9october17

Day 1

beautiful sky, beautiful clouds and of course , the moon.. yessss it is.


First day arrival. Sad that our flight is delayed only arrived at 1615. In our room btw. Staying at uccp shallom centre.

always love to selfie with my new huawei P10. hahahaha. maganda, yes i know.

a better trips with the girls always empowering each other also.

refreshed back the memory when i first went to philipines in year 2007 and every year onwards except for 2015 & 2016 skipped. There is still many people poverty , no home to stay or live. This is what I love to do and helping up. 

Day 2

I was sooooo sad that only after the trip I remember its was Tutuban mall instead of divisoria mall…sooooo sad.  But thats okay.. im happy also thou.