Reaction vs mistake

Everyone does mistake sometimes without knowing it or purposely doing it. Whether we regret after the mistake done or just feel nothing at all. Only we know the consequences and must accept it. I may not sure whether im doing the wrong way or what I felt after do such reaction. Everyday thinking on how to Improved and changed perhaps. I may feel wrong/ guilty sometimes but I just don’t like arguing so much in small matter that’s why I keep quiet.

How about you?


Numb look yet still beauty. Just nothing.

Uncomfortable feeling 8.5.17

Good Afternoon!

Have you ever feel that your heart mean something but you couldn’t speak out or say it ? 


Have you ever feel that when it’s not right to think about but it keep on pop out your mind no matter how you try to destroy the THINK of mind, the thoughts , deep inside your instinct feeling but still couldn’t get out of your head? 


I just don’t like the feeling I’m into now coz I don’t want to see the bad result or the end of the day end up broken hearted or sad. I hope for the best for he or she can accept the way it should be. 


Little time with the photographer 📷 ootd

Hello again!

Thanked God for the blessing. 

We all should feel blessed for the life we have and praise for the life we live . Not everyone have a good life but we can change it, fix it , face it or else leave it but to the leads of a happiness. It is all depends on your own. 

No matter how busy we are with homework or office workload, please always have time for the people’s you love. 

My saturdate with the little photographer is always fun . even just a little time but it’s worthwhile.  I just love the snapshots of her every time we are exploring the foods, and the desserts. 

Model mode on. Haha

I am actually busy on texting  someone and i didn’t noticed that she took a photo of me with that seriously concentrate on phone. 😂 😂

Sometime it’s hard to say no to your mobile  phone especially when your a very important person. Cessss.just kidding! 

I am obsessed with accessories especially necklace.

This is the best candid so far we did . using timer and walla..#mangkiubakes currently at the bakes shop. Few of the delicious and yummy cakes. It’s actually a family business so called by using their grandfather name “Mangkiu” . 

This is sooooo tasty. The cake their made not that sweet . It is just so good.

Ya. Tapau la sangat kan tidak habis…

Us. Dauna and myself

Having a date’s to coffee break always a precious time .  With the picture candid and the smile on our face shows how lovely time we had. Haha. Apart from that,  it’s a good getaway to forget about the workload matters. I have been giving all my best time for the people I love the most. Friendships always brings back memories of a childhood or teenagers.

Cheers for happiness. 

The Feelings 

Referring to the above quote,  indeed true but sometimes we cant help it . Whether the feeling comes in good or bad way somehow it’s a CHOICE to get into you or let it pass away. 

Well, as for me I try to take it as what it comes. Who know a second thoughts could be forever of yours… 

A feeling is always a distraction to us, it’s a challenge for us to overcome whatever the feeling may come. Eventually we like it or not we must go through it anyway.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately , about the feelings that come up. somehow it makes my heart beat fast, nervous, scares, happy, shy and a lot more that I could not described. 

But I’m pretty sure, time is all we need. When The right time come and the good things appear unconditionally.